Life coaching addresses people across cultures and backgrounds, supporting to achieve clarity, awareness, more confidence and peace of mind. Whether you feel overwhelmed, misunderstood, low energized or just want to continue your personal growth and development, coaching is the tool to embark on.

We will understand your past and work with it to meet you in the present and focus on moving you forward in your life. As opposed to other methods and therapies, personal coaching will focus on building you further capabilities to deal with life today and in future events.

Coaching focuses on you and you will be the most important person in the room. We will work together to find your goals and design programs to support you at all levels, emotional, cognitive and somatic. Expect to gain long term capabilities to deal with life difficulties on your own and let go of behaviors, patterns or people that no longer serve you. Long lasting change may take some time, but once tapped into, you will have more clarity, presence and balance in your life, and an overall sense of positivity and abundance.


What can you expect as a result?

  • A chance to freely talk about anything that is bothering you
  • You will understand yourself better and come to know what you want and don’t want
  • You will become more aware and as such  be able to make decisions or take corrective actions
  • You will improve the quality of your life


What a coaching session is and is not?

  • It is not mentoring and it is not psychological counseling
  • It is not a session where you receive advice based on the coach experience
  • It is not a preaching or judging session
  • It is not dependency to your coach


  • It is a relationship built on trust and respect with your coach
  • It is a session where you get to know yourself better and learn how to correct on your own
  • Builds long term competencies so you can deal on your own with future similar situation
  • It is about moving forward whilst understanding the past
  • It is about being listened and heard, supported and empowered

Camelia Krupp (Mihai)

Your Certified Coach

In a world full of technology, personal agendas and increased desire for possessions, I believe there is room to revive our humanity and make the world a better place. The first step starts with you and if I can make your life a little bit better, then my mission as a life coach is fulfilled. Building self every day is the single meaning of life. Find your best self or get where you want to be!


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  • “Camelia is an EXCELLENT executive COACH! She has a very gentle and encouraging approach that helps create trustful relationship. I loved working with her. Thank you Camelia!” – Anastasia K.


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