9 Ideas for your life philosophy

April 29, 2018

Stand behind values such as: truth, awareness, love and respect, gratitude, best intentions, continuous learning, modesty, creativity, humanity Have dreams and aspirations, if you only do what you can do, you will never be able to be more than you are Surround yourself by people who give meaning to your life and conversation (shallow encounters […]

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8 P’s of Blissful Relationships

March 29, 2018

Building relationships is probably the most complex and rewarding of all goods. At work, in your personal life, with a new boss or employee, with your partner or new born child, its all about creating and maintaining connection and joy. With the 8 P’s I have tried to collect the most relevant of life ingredients […]

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About Time and Timeless Self

January 29, 2018

We hear often people say ‘’I don’t have time’’. The question that pops up immediately for me is ‘What is your relationship with time?’’. We struggle every day to fit more and more in 24 hours, we constantly ‘’do’’ and often cut from basic needs, togetherness and creative moments to allow for more doing. What […]

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The Power of ”No”, Identify your Pattern and Ways to Improve

January 29, 2017

Two letters and so much power behind! Depending on the what, when and why, the usage of ”no” can create a plethora of outcomes. It’s a tool of limitations and barriers but also of protection of values, principles, resources, work life balance or right career path. So when is it too much or too little? As with everything […]

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Life transitions and How to Get Unstuck

January 2, 2017

Happy New Year! and my warmest wishes for a relaxed mind, peaceful soul, joyful spirit and heart full of love! This year’s first article is about transitions. Life changing events put us in ‘’transition’’ mode for perhaps longer than we expect. As you are exiting one door and stage of your life, you may find yourself wondering […]

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Coaching, how does It Work and what are the Benefits?

November 28, 2016

Coaching is currently a flourishing discipline globally and you may wonder what exactly it means and where is it coming from. In today’s understanding, coaching is a form of development where a person named ‘’coach’’ guides and helps another person named often ‘’coachee’’ to achieve certain goals, at professional / executive or personal levels. A bit of history The term […]

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Childhood Impact on Adult Life

October 20, 2016

In my early 30’s I have started looking at life in a more holistic way. People’s behaviors, limiting beliefs and patterns have become my focus of interest, both for self-discovery as well as understanding others. I have included childhood as topic for investigation and source of patterns to adult life and understood that findings apply to children upbringing but to a great extent to adult […]

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Positive Emotions and How to Improve your Life

September 19, 2016

Main positive emotions are joy, trust and love. Fear, anger and grief are the main negative emotions. Here are the “sins” of hapiness and practical advise how to observe your negativity and improve your life.

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7 Steps of Savvy Nutrition, 14 tips for a Balanced Body

August 26, 2016

Nutrition and body well-being from inside out are overlooked in modern days. We focus on outer appearance and consequences and sometimes miss to treat the inner causes. During the past years, I became increasingly interested in holistic approaches and methods to improve mind, body and spirit. Today I am sharing information collected over time related to body […]

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How to choose your Partner and Build a Stronger Relationship

July 27, 2016

Finding the right person and building a relationship is the topic of the century. More and more people break up, divorce or find themselves lonely and disappointed by their partners. In my own journey I have tried to understand what have I overlooked. It turned to me that key and most common to a couple’s success […]

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Camelia Krupp (Mihai)

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In a world full of technology, personal agendas and increased desire for possessions, I believe there is room to revive our humanity and make the world a better place. The first step starts with you and if I can make your life a little bit better, then my mission as a life coach is fulfilled. Building self every day is the single meaning of life. Find your best self or get where you want to be!


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